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Innovative Cannabis Packaging Heavy Hitters

GPA packs a punch for Heavy Hitters

Heavy Hitters and the Mammoth Distribution team are yet again disrupting the cannabis market. We are honored to contribute packaging that could live up to the hype.

California-based brand Heavy Hitters is celebrating its 25th anniversary by releasing HVY Grand, the world’s first liquid trichome cannabis tincture. Promising a full-body high and flavor profile of legendary Acapulco Gold strain, it was important that the packaging had as much impact as the product itself.

HVY Grand is designed for the cannabis connoisseur, as such the packaging was designed to appeal to high-end tastes. The GPA Global packaging team was able to bring their unique experience and understanding of cannabis primary packaging and combine it with the expertise of years manufacturing spirits packaging for the world’s most famous spirits brands.

Combining cannabis industry knowledge with GPA’s track record working with luxury brands in sectors including liquor and perfume, resulted in a knockout limited edition gift box for HVY Grand. The packaging sets a new benchmark in the marketing of high-end cannabis products.” Said Jesse Dixon, of GPA Cannabis

The GPA team worked hand-in-hand with the HVY team to elevate the packaging standard to meet the discerning customer’s expectations. With unboxing an essential part of the user experience, a tactile, black, soft-touch paper with UV print and laser foil was selected for the outer box. Fastened by magnets to keep the outer cover closed when standing on shelf, the box itself will be displayed long after the tincture has been finished.

The inside cover features some of Erik Christiansen (@EricNugshots)’s incredible magnified cannabis trichome imagery.

The elegant, 90 percent opaque, super flint glass bottle sits securely in a custom cut-out. The dark glass was selected for both elegance and to reduce the impact of UV light on the tincture. The bottle is finished with a striking rainbow foil HVY logo. The child resistant lid is custom silver-plated with an embossed logo.

A soda lime Rocks Glass in black transparent painting and a stainless-steel Jigger with matte black painted finish and laser-cut Heavy Hitters logo complete the set.

The set has been given a limited initial distribution in California and is expected to become a must have for dedicated cannabis enthusiasts.

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