Eco friendly & sustainable Cannabis Packaging

Our Dedication to Sustainability

Our parent company, GPA Global, started life as Green Packaging Asia, which means an eco-friendly approach has always been part of our DNA.

The sustainable principals at the heart of our business encompass the entire chain of custody, ensuring that everyone involved in the manufacturing process – from our supply chain partners to the staff at our US facilities – is working to our rigorous high standards.

We are consistently looking for ways to reduce our impact on the environment by reducing waste, reusing resources and creating packs that are easily recycled.

Our Material

For the modern cannabis consumer, sustainability is a key concern. Brands looking to compete in the market can make their impact by working with trusted and experienced suppliers like GPA, who wear their eco-credentials on their sleeve.
Our cannabis packaging is crafted from recyclable materials such as tin, card, glass and PET. As a bonus, many of our packs (including our tins and jars) can be repurposed by the end user, ensuring a longer life than most primary packs.


GPA designers and engineers utilize leading-edge sustainable materials and techniques to offer cost-effective solutions to complex brand, packaging and marketing challenges

GPA Global strategic locations reduce emissions and lower our carbon footprint

GPA objective is to design and engineer packaging by right-sizing structures, and by light-weighting materials to reduce waste, decrease costs and increase the consumer experience

GPA in-house innovation team drives the discovery of new sustainable solutions

“GPA Global is known for innovations in sustainable packaging design, engineering and manufacturing. Our Teams of talented, passionate professionals strive to push boundaries in all verticals.”

— Founders, Tom Wang & Adam Melton

Our Processes

We develop our cannabis packaging solutions carefully, right-sizing each pack and light-weighting materials to reduce waste and costs. Along the way we consider every minor detail to ensure that the end product is not only child-resistant and fit-for-purpose, but lines up with the sustainability goals of our client.

Working from our own private manufacturing facilities, including spaces right here in the US, we’re able to guarantee a high-quality product and reduce the environmental impact associated with global distribution.

Our ongoing sustainability objectives encompass the entire Chain of Custody:

  • Sustainable Forestry
  • Water Stewardship
  • Reduction of Emissions
  • Waste Management
  • Energy Efficiencies
  • Social Responsibility
  • Community Outreach

Our social compliance is managed via the platform SEDEX . Our 3rd party audit certifications are updated, and easily accessible. The audit covers labor standards, health and safety, environmental assessment and business ethics.