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LS-2-S Child resistant cannabis packaging GPA

Presenting the LS-2-S – GPA’s new child resistant compact tin for mini pre-rolls

We are delighted to introduce the latest addition to our eco-friendly “Linus” tin packaging line: the LS-2-S.

What is the LS-2-S?

The newest member of our Linus family of packaging, the LS-2-S (or ‘short’) is the compact packaging solution you have been waiting for

With the same easy-to-use child resistant locking mechanism as the LS-2, the LS-2-S is compact, perfect for slipping into one’s pocket.

Measuring 75mm wide x 75 mm long x 15 mm deep, the LS-2-S has been strategically designed to hold sets of mini pre-rolls.

Cannabis packaging by GPA Linus

The airtight container keeps its contents fresh and secure, while the use of an FDA food grade tin alloy ensures safety for consumption.

Sustainable cannabis packaging

At GPA Cannabis, we take sustainability seriously. The LS-2-S has excellent eco-credentials: crafted entirely of tin, it is fully recyclable but can also be reused or repurposed at the desire of the user.

Compact doesn’t mean compromising on style. The smooth corners of the LS-2-S give it an ergonomic and premium feel, while the packaging can be fully customized both inside and out to highlight your brand.

With options for embossing, spot UV, and 4c or PMS prints to provide the user with company information, the LS-2-S will truly allow your product to stand out from the crowd.

What specifications does the LS-2-S have?

  • Size: 75mm wide x 75 mm long x 15 mm deep
  • Child-resistant certified
  • FDA food grade tin
  • Eco friendly and mono-material (no plastic_
  • Air tight for product freshness
  • Optimized for sets of mini pre-rolls

What embellishments are available for the LS-2-S?

  • Emboss
  • 4c and PMS Print
  • Spot UV

How do I find out more about the LS-2-S?

If you like the look of the LS-2-S and want to find out more, please get in touch with our team at GPA Cannabis today.

Your packaging is our passion.

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