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GPA Segal Biodegradable cannabis Jar

Introducing the GPA Segal Home Recyclable jar

A sustainable, child-resistant storage solution

Conventional plastic is a very versatile material but can cause problems for our planet.

In recent years, people have begun to hyper-focus on the importance of sustainability (and not a moment too soon). Despite a concerted effort, over 90% of plastics still end up in landfills and can take hundreds of years to fully degrade.

Here at GPA Global, we pride ourselves on our commitment to the environment. As such, we created a solution that still meets the needs of a cost-conscious market.

What is the GPA Home Recyclable Jar?

Our jar has been cleverly designed to provide a safe and sustainable storage solution for cannabis products.
This sleek, straight-walled jar has a child-resistant certified closure, made of a fully customizable push-turn lid.

FDA 21 CFR approved, it is safe for storing consumables, is fully recyclable and – here’s the best part – it is landfill degradable.

What can it house?

The GPA PET Jar is the perfect structure for storing flower and edibles but can be used for many other cannabis product.

The science behind the sustainability

Our jar is made from a proprietary non-starch-based polymer. In a biologically active landfill, microorganisms are attracted to our substrate, gather, and colonize on the jar’s surface, transforming it into a moist biofilm.

The polymer quickly becomes a feast for these microbes, who break down its chemical bonds as they feed. This accelerates the degradation process, creating compost from what was once garbage.

A tried and tested theory

Working with experts at Intertek, we conducted ATM D5511 testing on these jars, which showed 6% biodegradation in just 45 days.

A safe and cost-effective solution

This process is safe and sustainable. Unlike traditional oxo-degradation, our solution leaves no carbon particles in the soil. Instead, the polymer is transformed by the microbes into compost, which then fertilizes the soil and plants.

Most compostable plastics are expensive due to limited manufacturing and supply chain challenges. By adding our special solution to PET – a stable and cost-effective material – we eliminate this problem.

The future of plastic

And it doesn’t stop here. With a slight change in recipe, our proprietary solution can be added to other plastics, transforming them into fully recyclable, landfill degradable packaging materials.

Your jar should go where the grass grows.

If you are interested in the GPA PET Jar and want to find out more, please get in touch with our team at GPA Global today.

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