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Almora marijuana vacuum seal bags

Almora, child resistant mylar bags

Our kraft child-resistant Knight bags were the perfect packaging solution for Almora’s cannabis flower.

Almora is a California brand specializing in high-quality, sun-grown cannabis, cultivated using natural and organic farming techniques.

Almora marijuana vacuum seal bags

The brand offers a variety of in-demand strains while keeping things simple with its small, carefully curated product range, including concentrate and pre-rolls. Unsurprisingly, though, Almora’s signature product is their cannabis flower, which now comes housed in airtight, child-resistant packaging manufactured by the GPA Cannabis team.

To fulfill this brief, we took one of our patented CR Knight bags and adapted it to suit Almora’s precise requirements. Made from kraft mylar, the bag is fronted with a clear window which showcases the product – an important feature for the discerning cannabis consumer.

Almora child resistant mylar bags

In keeping with the natural and organic aesthetic of the Almora brand, we left the bag uncoated – although we used full-color process printing to add text, graphics and other imagery.

The bag design incorporates a discreet, child-resistant thumb slot, which can be used to pull open the package. To reseal the bag and ensure the contents remain protected, the user simply has to pinch the seal back together.

In total, we manufactured four different sized bags for Almora to accommodate four different product weights: 3.5g, 7g, 14g, and 1 ounce.

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