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With the North American cannabis market growing by the day, it’s vital for emerging brands to stand out from the competition. A fantastic way to make an impression on the consumer, strengthen brand loyalty and ensure a returning customer base is to distribute promotional clothing, mugs, pens, bags and accessories.

Why? It’s simple: branded merchandise offers a far better cost per impression when compared to traditional advertising such a print media, accounting for an industry of almost $22 billion.

With demand for exceptional promotional products increasing each day, we’ve taken the step to create our own dedicated team for handling promotional cannabis products. Our skilled team members will liaise with you to manufacture custom merchandise – from tins and water bottles to backpacks and T-shirts. And because they’re part of the GPA family you can trust that every part of the process is held to our rigorous high standards.

For the best promotional materials on the market, visit the website for our Cannabis Promo team today.

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